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Resumption of Safe Business Travel
As business travel is progressively resuming, corporate travel managers are looking for the right path to allow employees to take business trips again with a major focus on safety. Thanks to the rollout of COVID-19 vaccines, new measures are simplifying travel. But, the challenge of keeping track of the ever-changing regulations still remains. The question is: how can you enable safe travel today?

Whether you have been continuing to travel during the pandemic, or evaluating some form of return to travel, International SOS can support you in keeping your people safe and building your own path for safe business travel resumption.

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An example of how our experts can help includes:

  • TRAVELLERS' HEALTH EXPOSURE: support to assist the COVID-19 arrangements pre, during and post travel, evacuations, mental health and wellbeing support, 24/7 assistance to your travellers.
  • TRAVELLERS' RISK EXPOSURE: travel risk self assessment, travel risk policy evaluation, security assistance with prompt access to alerts where you intend to travel (incl COVID-19 impact).
  • DUTY OF CARE: travel Risk Policy, complete travel solutions, digitalization of the Risk Management Process, Duty of Care and Compliance to regulations.
  • CRISIS MANAGEMENT: gap analysis, tailored support through the different stages of a crisis, applicable at all levels, addressing multiple operations in the same location, or multiple locations globally.
  • OMICRON VARIANT: how this variant will impact business travel.

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