Assisting with Language Support and Navigating the Local Healthcare System in China 
Jane was concerned about her medical condition but was reluctant to go to a local hospital due to language challenges. She contacted International SOS for advice. The Beijing Assistance Centre provided medical referral, language support, and assistance to help her navigate the local hospital. 

Jane felt ill recently, but she was a bit hesitant to see a doctor as the family doctor she usually visited had left China during the pandemic. However, her condition worsened over the week, and she really began to worry. She called International SOS for advice.   

A coordinating doctor from the Assistance Centre spoke to Jane on the phone and provided initial advice for her condition but recommended to visit a local specialist. A referral to a local 3A hospital with this specialty was provided to Jane.    

While Jane was seeing the specialist at the local hospital, a Chinese-English-speaking nurse from International SOS immediately connected to the call to facilitate communication and translate instructions from the treating doctor for the patient. The treating doctor recommended another follow-up in 6 months.

Based on the specialist’s instructions, the nurse further provided support with medication instructions and advice.    

Seeing a doctor in a foreign country can be daunting especially if you do not understand the local language. With our medically-led advice, International SOS provided Jane with timely assistance, supported with a reliable medical referral and language assistance to help smooth the visit for Jane.     
Supporting an International Assignee with Refilling Critical Medication

International SOS facilitated a TeleConsultation service and helped arrange medication delivery to support an assignee who was in the community lockdown.

Advising an Employee on COVID-19 Vaccination 

An employee with a vaccine allergy reaction history is confused with whether she should receive the COVID-19 vaccination. Her wary increases with cases of COVID continue to rise in China. The medical director of her company contacted International SOS for advice. 

Assisting a Traveller Meeting COVID Testing Requirement when Entering Mainland China

An assignee planning to return to Mainland China was rejected due to his positive COVID test result. Despite an extended stay in quarantine in Hong Kong, his test remained. He called International SOS for advice. 

Helping an Organisation in Making an Informed Decisions on a New Assignment to China

An organisation is planning to assign a family to China amid the continued COVID impact. International SOS provides critical information to support the organisation and the family in their decision on the assignment.

Facilitating a Medical Evacuation for an Assignee Under COVID-19 Restrictions in China 

An assignee was admitted to a local hospital for a medical emergency. Not familiar with the local healthcare environment and concerned over language barriers, he preferred to go home to Korea for treatment. Amid the complex logistical challenges posed by the ongoing COVID-19 restrictions, International SOS successfully coordinated an air evacuation for him.