The International SOS Assistance App is an essential travel tool preparing, informing, and keeping your workforce safe. The App provides personalised travel advice, real-time updates and incident alerts, and 24/7 assistance from a real person when needed from anywhere around the globe.
Plan Travel
Like a Pro

Research locations and understand active and potential medical and security risks throughout the world.

Get Real-Time Alerts
While Travelling

Receive real-time alerts. Plus, access up-to-date travel restriction information and the latest impacts of COVID-19.

Get Assistance
Anywhere, Anytime

Get live support from an International SOS Assistance Centre from any location in the world, with one touch. Available 24/7.

Key Features of the International SOS Assistance App

The Assistance App empowers your people with best-in-class tools to prepare for trips, maintain situational awareness when travelling, and quickly get assistance from a live agent when needed.

  • Modern design and a simplified user experience: an easy to use App based on human-focused design
  • A more seamless login experience: your people can log in with their organisational email address and password
  • Personalised Pre-Trip Checklists based on upcoming trips help your people prepare before leaving home
  • Custom medical and security information and advice developed by world-renowned medical and security experts
  • Up-to-date COVID-19 travel and restriction information: avoid risks and trip disturbances with COVID Trip Planner, providing the latest on COVID-19 vaccination requirements, inbound and outbound travel restrictions, plus more
  • Features tailored for domestic travel: stay safe and informed with Location-based Alerts, local Travel Restrictions, and Auto Emergency Check-In*

*Feature may not be available depending on membership package and/or region.

What Can the Assistance App Help Me With?

Every day, hundreds of people use the Assistance App for a one-touch connection to receive support with a medical, security, or travel need. With the International SOS Assistance App, your people can avoid risks, prevent delays and stay safe - whether travelling abroad or domestically.

What People are Saying About the Assistance App

“Easy access to information for trip preparation and in country support."

– Associate Director, International Safety & Security at an Ivy League University

“I am a savvy traveller and it’s meeting my needs.”

– Global Alliance Director of a Software Company

“Easy to navigate platform with relevant information readily accessible."

– Regional Security Manager at an Engineering Firm

“[The App] provides critical information to make good decisions, provides good guidance."

– Consultant at a Global Pharmaceutical company

“Big improvement in how travellers can register and prepare for their trips. I also think the look and feel of the app will be intuitive to the college-aged students I primarily work with."

– Education Abroad Advisor at an American University

Download the App Now

Plan travel, stay alerted to incidents unfolding in real-time, and get assistance when needed from anywhere, anytime.  

Information Security Documentation

For questions or to request info-security documentation, please contact your account manager.

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