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Dr. John Howe, Clinic Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Howe has joined International SOS in June 2018. He is an experienced General Practitioner. He graduated from Imperial College London in 2008 and since then has been in medical practice working in various NHS hospitals and practices in the UK, hospitals in Australia and other countries. He possesses certification in Advance Life Support, Advanced Trauma Life Support and European Pediatric Life Support and is an experienced Pediatrician.  
For the last three years Dr. John has been working as a cruise ship physician with a mixture of adult and pediatric patients, in urgent and emergent care.​

To book an appointment please call on +7 727 258 19 11
Dr. Aigul Yespanova, Pediatrician/Senior National Doctor

Dr. Aigul has over 25 years of medical practice and has been with International SOS since 2006. Her specialization is Family Medicine and General Pediatrics.

She  has extensive experience in Public Health Care System, working as an assistant of professor at Kazakh National Medical University named S. Asfendiyarov.  As a Pediatrician she provides the whole range of medical activities at our clinic, starting from routine consultations to vaccination and baby check. She has been trained in Austria and gained International experience in diagnosis, treatment of children disease.

Working hours: Monday – Friday from 9am to 6pm. To book an appointment please call on + 7 727 258 19 11
Dr. Zharkynay Tansykbayeva - Gynecologist (English speaking)

Dr. Zharkynay graduated from the National Medical University Asfendiarov – Kazakhstan, Almaty and possesses an extensive medical experience in Gynecology. 

She joined International SOS in December 2014. Her working days are Tuesday and Thursday.

To book an appointment please call on + 7 727 258 19 11
Dr. Kulman Nyssanbayeva, National General Practitioner

Dr. Kulman graduated from Asfendiyarov University, Almaty, Kazakhstan in 2000 and prior re-joining International SOS in March 2019 she has been practicing medicine in various private and state hospitals in Almaty, Kazakhstan. 

Dr. Kulman was practicing medicine at one of the International SOS clinics in Kazakhstan from 2005 till 2009.

Her working schedule: Mon, Tue, Thu from 9 am to 6 pm.  To book an appointment please call on + 7 727 258 19 11
Mila Rudakova - Almaty Clinic Manager

As of 20.03.2020 Mila will oversee all aspects of our clinic operations in Almaty.  She will take care of the day-to-day management of administration services, which includes maintaining the highest possible level of patient care, patient medical support and customer service, business planning and deployment of essential resources.

Since joining International SOS in 2003, Mila has held a number of key roles in Kazakhstan which include Clinical Laboratory Doctor, MS Administrator, Business Development Manager and National Sales Manager. Her most recent role was as Country Head of Clinic Business Development, based in Almaty. 

Please join us in congratulating Mila on her new appointment and wishing her continued success in her new role

To contact Mila please call on  + 7 727 258 19 11 or email her on


Our clinic in Almaty provides international standards Medical Care to expatriate and local families. We have expatriate specialists in General Practice Medicine and Emergency Care as well as national specialists in Family medicine, Pediatrics and Internal Medicine.
The range of our services in Almaty includes:
  • Primary care
  • 24/7 Emergency care and stabilization prior to evacuation or in country hospital treatment
  • Diagnostic care including X-ray, Ultra Sound, ECG, Laboratory, Audiometry, Spirometry
  • Specialist care, including pediatric care
  • Preventive physical therapy and education
  • Health checks and screenings for Diabetes, Obesity, Cardio-Vascular Diseases
  • Vaccination for children and adults
  • First aid training for mothers and baby sitters
  • Pharmacy